Five Princesses Inspired Me to Design and Create !

Designing and creating girls clothing and hair accessories is all I have ever known.
My oldest daughter now 28 years married and has a daughter of her own and it is where it all began
I loved making her lacy socks and lace and tulle ruffle bottom baby onsies. I loved making her a hair bow for every out. She can tell you she cannot remember a time when she didn't have a bow in her hair.
I then began to create on denim overalls. I saw other girls wearing them and they were too adorable not to recreate on my own.
Then the girls kept coming. I have five daughters.
The baby is now 12 years old.
As my girls got older they wanted their creations to follow trends such as famous music bands singers or movies.
Ripped destroyed jeans. I can tell you I have had to create new and different designs based on the times and their ages.
I have owned my operated my own business for years upon years.
My items have been in local gift shops and I have done craft shows as well. I sold on other online avenues.
I really feel like Etsy is the best place to show and sell my creations. I am at home within a wonderful inspiring land of amazing beautiful creators who drive my passion higher to create more and surpass all that I have done.